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XL250 and XL350 NOS Parts and Other neat Stuff

Xlint Performance - 134 Blue Ridge Lane
Seymour, TN 37865



XL250 and XL350 new and used parts; instruments, handlebars and controls, forks, side covers and air boxes, Honda fenders, front and rear complete wheel assemblies, tail and head lights, Honda and after market fenders, frames, tanks, engines and engine components, including kick starter and shifter assemblies, seats in need of new covers, etc.

Factory XL250 repair manuals, Xlint copies of the factory manual for 72 thru 75 XL250. These are professional copies, not photocopies. $25.00 includes shipping in the US

now in stock for the XL350 73 thru 75

now in stock for the 84/85 XL350R

Pistons | Sprockets | GasTanks

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Other Parts , Kick Levers, Gears, Accessories, Exhaust Systems

Big bore kits, 10-1/2 to 1 compression pistons

CNC machined from lightweight alloy and manufactured by JE to our specifications. These piston designs were first pioneered in the 70's by the top XL tuners, but, over the years, the designs have been refined. 

You simply bore your cylinder and  fit the pistons for an immediate increase in horsepower and torque. For maximum effectiveness you should mount an aftermarket exhaust and do some slight carb re-jetting, but the pistons perform well in a stock configuration.


NEW  street gearing for the XL250 and 350. Lower your RPM at cruising speed. High quality steel rear sprockets. 42 tooth for the 250   and 39 tooth for the 350    $50.00 + shipping

also available a 35 tooth alum. for the 350. perfect street gear if you have a hot rod motor. $70.00 + shipping

Complete big bore kit for the XL350, ready to install including, 86mm high performance,high comp. piston, rings, wrist pin and clips, head & base gasket, and cylinder, bead blasted, bored to .004 clearance. Exchange for good cyl. not bored more than 2nd over and no broken fins.
$340.00 + shipping    or  $240.00 without the bore


NEW AND IMPORTANT NEWS-----  we now have in stock a rod/piston kit for the XL350, 1973 thru 1978. 
This kit includes everything pictured and a head gasket. The piston is a 2 ring racing style 84mm and takes the motor to 390cc. $340.00 + shipping. 
A. Install the rod on your crank, add $100.00. 
B. Bore your cylinder, add $100.00

NEW AND IN STOCK for XL250 72 thru 7

75.5 mm high comp. racing style forged piston kit.  Made in the US.  Aprox. 11:1 compression. $240.00 + shipping. The dome can be milled down for lower compression.

Wiseco piston kits available for most post 78 model XL250/350/500/600.   10.5 to 1 comp. racing style pistons. e-mail for price and availability.

New forged alloy XL350 pistons with stock compression. .040 oversize. Piston,rings,wrist pin and clips $240.00 + shipping

Now in stock:::: 2nd over, high comp. piston kit for the XL350, 73-77     $220 + shipping    no gaskets included


79.5mm (2nd over) high compression piston kits

includes a forged racing style piston,rings,pin and clips

$240.00 + shipping

NOW IN STOCK---Megacycle  needle bearing cam,. $350.00 + shipping

I am an authorized Megacycle cam dealer, e-mail for pricing and availability on any motorcycle.

ALSO--- line boring heads for the needle bearing cams. $150.00



  • 298cc big bore kit for the XL250, 1972 thru 1977. includes: JE forged piston,rings,pin,clips,head and base gasket. $240.00

  • NOW IN STOCK - Shipping is extra

Cometic base and head gaskets for 89mm or 86mm over bore, $35.95 set + Shipping
Click for Picture

NOS* Honda and after market gaskets for XL250 and XL350 sideport only. Email for availability and prices. 29.95 to 49.95

(*New Old Stock)

Complete Top End Gasket set for XL350 incl. valve stem seals. Quality set. $52.00

Complete Gasket set for XL350 not available. Can make up a complete set as needed using top set. Contact for price.

Cylinder boring; exchange $90.00, without usable core, $200.00

Cometic cylinder head gaskets for 86mm and 89mm over-bore, $30.00; made from the proper fiber and fire ring combination, .059" thickness. (Also available in copper, email for prices.)

Performance grade XL350 valves, new, stainless steel with new keepers. Unlike the stock Honda valves they are resistant to bending, complete set of four, $180.00

I no longer stock the plastic tanks, contact to buy direct



Megacycle Performance cams


Other Parts , Kick Levers, Gears, accessories

New or good used cam chain tensioner arm (NLA from Honda), $ 75 each 

new stainless steel, handlebar mount choke cable bracket, limited quanity,$25.00

Used clutch plate sets, $25 (within service limits)

new clutch plate set(fiber plates) $80.00

new high performance clutch spring set, $25.00

Gear sets, $150

Shifter mechanism, with good splines, complete from case outwards, $135

Starter mechanism, with good splines, complete from case outwards, $135
(We have a few Kick levers available $49)

XL350 swing arm (bolt on to XL250 frame) longer for better handling, used, $150

Plastic tank (email for quote), or order an Elsinore style

32 ,34, 36 or 38mm Mikuni carb, jetted to 4stk performance specs, comes as complete kit with carb,throttle,throttlecable and air filter for both the 250 and 350 XL, 72 to 78

Rebuild your engine or ours, to your specs, top end or bottom end, or complete. Call for quote

XL250 and XL350 new and used parts; instruments, handlebars and controls, forks, side covers and air boxes, Honda fenders, front and rear complete wheel assemblies, tail and head lights, Honda and after market fenders, frames, tanks, engines and engine components, including kick starter and shifter assemblies, seats in need of new covers, etc.

New and In Stock
3 Day Shipping and Handling from $12.00 for US delivery, Add $2.50 for Insurance
Standard Shipping $20.00 - outside US- $40.00

Above: standard length 13 3/8 or long travel 14 5/8 inch


Part Number =MIDI    or   MIDICH

Limited Supply of NOS Redwing Shocks
Stock Length for XL 350/250


Part Number = redwing

Not available at this time
hope to have them in the near future

XL250/ 350 Fork Seals

Kick Levers,
Gaskets Sets

Clutch Levers,
Leather Treatment
Fork Seals

Brake Shoes

Oil Pump,


XL 250/350 Kick Lever, no longer in stock. Check e-bay. 250/350 interchange


Another Kick lever
XR-XL 250-500 78-82?
$ 49.95


BRAKE SHOES, front and rear for XL250/350, 72 thru 78

$39.00 per pair


Reconditioned oil pumps, disassembled,cleaned,inspected and reassembled with good USED inner and outer pump rotors. Includes new mounting O rings. $50.00 + shipping.

I now have new oil pump rotors in stock, replace them before they break and ruin your motor.


Exhaust pipes for side port XL250, Hooker Header replica, straight pipe and packable megaphone mufflers. call or e-mail for more info. click for larger picture

I now have the pipe pictured in the middle and Supertrapp

muffler to fit. E-mail for price

I now have exhaust pipes for the center port,76/77, XL350

New exhaust rocker arms for XL250
$60.00 each + shipping


XLint Performance exhaust pipes for the side port 350

fits 1973  to 1975  Comes unpainted, coat with whatever you like. I stock tuneable SuperTrapp muffler for both the 250 and 350 pipes

pipe---$140.00      muffler----$160.00

we can recondition your left side engine cover with new clutch pivot bearing and install brass bushings where needed.e-mail for prices







Plastic Replacement Fenders, Yellow only Available, Plus shipping




 Now in stock, universal tail/stop light assembly. Nice
polished aluminum housing with wiring and lens.
$45.00 + shipping

NEW original equipment coils, $90.00 + $6.00 for plug cap + shipping

fork seal
$16.00 + Shipping US $5.00

Click for larger image

Carb Kit for XL 350 73-75

Sorry, no longer in stock



New! XL 350-250
Brake Lever rubber tipped

New! XL 350-250
Clutch Lever rubber tipped

new style in stock, as above with brass bushing

in pivot hole. $18.00 per set + shipping

Complete Gasket Set for 125 Honda - CB/CL S&S1 TL/SL K1&K2 - $49.00
- add
$7.00 for Shipping


Top end gasket set is available for 72 thru 77 250. e-mail for price. I can put together a complete set if needed.


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If you don't see an item listed, email us, we may have it.

All used parts have been visually inspected, and measured to be within service limits.

All prices are subject to change, and do not include shipping.
Xlint Performance
134 Blue Ridge Lane
Seymour, TN 37865


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